Every child deserves to get the opportunity to receive a high-quality education

Later on, when I made it into the middle school, we had our classes held in some old roof topped buildings. They just had some torn out furniture, a blackboard in the center and some wooden benches. Yes, that is how I did my schooling.

After gone through such hurdles during my school days, I got an opportunity to join a well-reputed college and pursue my degree in MBBS. There, I learned a lot of things which I lacked to understand or not had any exposure during my early days.

Today! I am proud to be a doctor who strives hard to save the lives and fates of many people. Lighting up someone’s lives and seeing them happily smiling drives me to do better with all my patients.

Even now, when I look at my school were I started my career, I find many struggling to get a good quality education. I know what I have been through and I want the young ones to receive better and good quality education.

I think that everyone deserves a good quality education. It came to my knowledge that the state government of Odisha has created an initiative program for alumni to support their schools. I felt that I should be taking part in this cause of helping my school’s growth and the quality of education a student receives.

I joined this initiative program to help my school and its students. Finally, I am happy to see the smile on the children’s faces as they are receiving a much better education now.

Join hands with the Odisha government in this initiative to focus on the quality of education. Connect with your childhood school memories and contribute to the development of your school.


Let us join together and make this initiative a great success. To learn more about how you can contribute to your school, reach us today. contact@moschoolabhiyan.com